30 Day Challenge Testimonials

“The 30Day Challenge was the re-start I needed. The Challenge not only focused on improving your fitness and diet, but also challenged you to set goals around all aspects of life and prioritising wellness physically and mentally.  Systems were put in place so that your progress is measurable and trackable.  The seminars were informative, the support was given with a smile and it was fun.” - Sarah

“Just finished four months at a gym where I’ve religiously attended 3 to 4 classes each week. Participating in the 30 Day Challenge was the best thing I’ve done this year. Not only did I go down a dress size in 30 days, but I gained muscle and learned a whole bunch about health, nutrition and fitness. The trainers really push, motivate and help you exceed your limits. Josh, Laura and Robyn guided me and held my hand along the way. Came out of the 30 days feeling like a winner, there was a sense of achievement. It was fun, challenging and great for my mental health. Looking forward to the next challenge!“ - Payal

“Recently my partner Roma and I participated in District’s last 30 day challenge. It was definitely a challenge physically and mentally, but with the fantastic team at District always on hand to help motivate and encourage you through the hard times, it was made into an enjoyable experience. It was definitely worth all the hard work as the results spoke for itself. Our results seen were in weight loss, change in eating habits and diet, increased self care and appreciation just to mention a few. Overall the challenge sparked a change for the better in overall lifestyle in which we embraced and plan to carry on with. All I can say is that it’s an awesome challenge worth doing for yourself or as a team. Just get in there and get it done.” - Eddy


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