Cycle foundation 45

If you are new to indoor cycling, and want to learn the basics, then this is the perfect class for you. We’ll show you how to clip in and out, we’ll go through the bike set up, cycle technique, moves and a class structure so you can get started without feeling intimidated.

Cycle 30

Intervals, tempo, catch the beat. The most focused cardio workout in town: maximum calorie burn with intervals and tempo for full-body strength and tone. Get in, work hard, get out.  30 minutes

Cycle 45

cycle + Stretch 60

cycle + HIIT 60

cycle compete 45

Lights, sound, action! Featuring our exclusive tracking programme our 45 minute cycle class is the ultimate cycling experience.  Using your own data you will be able to track your progress to make sure you are working in the right training zone every time to maximise the results from the class. 45 minutes

30 mins on the cycle followed by 30 mins on the yoga mat. This is where we combine cardio for fat burning and stretching for flexibility and recovery. Find balance within your exercise programme. Perfect for the time poor who want to get the best of both worlds and have an awesome stretch at the end.

30 min on the cycle followed by 30 min in the HIIT studio to challenge your core, and your upper and lower body. The perfect combination for a complete body workout!

Are you up for a challenge to compete against your peers? Our compete class is all about burning calories and entering into a battle with others in your class. Join a team, ride hard out and win! Compete brings indoor cycling and gamification together for the ultimate experience. 45 minutes