We're here to Inspire, Motivate and 'help you' achieve Results. 

At District Fitness we designed our classes with you in mind. Under the advice of our experienced instructors, our classes push boundaries, achieve results, and test your limits to show you just how powerful you really are. Providing top of the line technology from myzone and ICG programming - you're able to track, challenge and achieve the results you're after. 

Our HIIT, Barre/Yoga and Cycle studio offer you the space to disconnect from the outside world and focus in on achieving your goals. Let us dim the lights, turn up the sound and coach you through a truly unique experience. Offering complimentary workout and shower towels, free wifi in our reception area, state of the art bathrooms and self locking lockers - all you need to do is bring yourself, we've got the rest covered. 

We Ride, we lift, we run we, stretch all in a bid to feel healthy and happy everyday. The best part: We do it together, as a community. Are you ready? We would love you to join us.