District Memberships

The flexibility is all yours.  Buy one class, a package of classes or join on a weekly membership.  Classes can be used for any studio.  Once you have purchased your class credits you simply book a class on our website or app at the day and time that suit you.  If you need to cancel your class up to 4 hours in advance you will not be charged for that class and can rebook that class credit.  
Click on the link below to see our options.


Class schedules are available for booking 7 days in advance, so on a Monday you can book up until Sunday. Tuesday up until Monday and so on. Class reservations can be made online or by calling us.

wait listing

Sorry! Your preferred class is full and now you’re on the waitlist. However not all is lost, the waitlist works! As spaces in a class opens up, we give them away to Members on the waitlist in the order that they put themselves on. You do have to buy a class before you can put yourself on the waitlist, but if you don't get a spot, the booking will be returned to your account to be used at a future date.

Up until the day of the class we will automatically add you to the classes you are waitlisted for. You will also receive an email or a message confirmation stating you have received a spot in the class. If a spot opens up on the day of the class, we will call or message waitlisted members, but will not enrol them unless we get confirmation from them directly.

Please note, we assume you want to take EVERY class you are waitlisted for. If you do not remove yourself from the waitlist (online or by calling the studios) by 5:00 PM the evening before the class, you may get added to the class after it is too late to cancel. If you cannot get into your preferred class, why not try one of our other classes.


Something come up and can’t make your class? Sorry to hear that! Just make sure you cancel 4 hours before the class starts. Once your space is cancelled, the space will become available for another wait listed member and the class will be returned to your account to be used later. Please note if you don’t cancel your space at least 4 hours before the class, your class will be charged to your account. Members can cancel their classes online or by calling the studio.