Why Women Should Lift Weights

We recently took to social media to shout about why boys should do Barre, so now it’s time to chat about that age-old classic - why women should lift weights. We know there are still some of you ladies out there concerned about doing HIIT and Triumph classes due to the myth that lifting weights will make you bulky but this just simply isn’t true! The truth is, weight training will only make you bulky if you want it to and you will need to train specifically to make that happen. So let us bust some myths for you and reveal how you can make weights work for you.


Ask any body builder how long it took them to achieve their physique and they’ll probably tell you “years”. Muscle hypertrophy (growth) in males or females happens very slowly by combining consistent, heavy weight training with a nutrition plan to match. This can take a long time and ultimately depends on training intensity, frequency and volume, nutrition, recovery and the individual in question. No single factor will trigger this growth response from your body.

In order to tone muscles and build strength, you need to incorporate strength/weight training into your overall training plan in a way that works for you and your fitness goals. Here are 3 reasons why weight training will benefit you and not turn you into the Hulk.

1. Fat doesn’t require any energy or calories to maintain itself. Muscle, on the other hand, burns calories even at rest. Changing your body composition by increasing lean muscle mass and reducing body fat subsequently increases your resting metabolism and therefore helps burn calories even at rest. If you’re looking to shape or tone your body, weight training is a must. You can utilise weight training to reach any types of fitness goal, whether it be more confidence, strength, power, weight loss, sport specific training or body shaping/sculpting.

2. Hormones are instrumental in our body’s ability to build muscle with testosterone being the number one component here. Whilst women do produce testosterone, male levels of the hormone are 7-8 times higher than females on average. This significant reduction in testosterone levels ultimately makes it very hard for females to gain excess amounts of muscle mass again proving that weights alone will not lead to a bulky physique. 

Weight training will however boost growth hormone in the body. This alone will not result in increased muscle mass but it does increase other benefits such as strength, improved immunity, better thyroid function and improved recovery. 

3. Diet is a key component of training and how you balance your daily calorie intake vs expenditure will also help create the body the want. In order to lose weight and burn body fat, your body would need to be in a calorie deficit (consuming less calories than you burn). In complete contrast, you would need to be in a calorie surplus (consuming more calories than you burn) for a sustained period of time in order to bulk and/or build muscle. Only by adding excess calories along with a heavy, intensive weight program would result in bulking. This means, if you keep your calories to a healthy level, you can maintain lean muscle mass and drop body fat.

Our signature District HIIT and Triumph classes are the perfect combination of weights, functional strength work and cardio which will help you achieve the body you want and keep you feeling strong and healthy.

See you in class!

Laura Brown