Welcome Triumph


If lifting makes you feel strong and boxing makes you feel confident then Triumph, District’s newest workout will make you feel invincible.

This 50min class is an intense blend of cardio and strength as you switch between cardiovascular boxing combos on the bag and strength training on the floor.

You reap all the athletic benefits of boxing and strength to create the best version of yourself.

Testament to Triumph

  1. Boxing is an intense aerobic and anaerobic full body workout that increases your cardiovascular health. In just a few sessions, boxing can make you stronger, faster, sharper, and you don’t need to spend hours running on the treadmill.

  2. Not only will all those power punches build your strength but your conditioning work on the floor incorporates dumbbells and resistance bands to ensure no muscle is left behind. As always, you choose the weight you want so whether you are looking to build muscle or simply lean and tone your body, this is a great workout to hit those goals

  3. Boxing helps with hand-eye co-ordination, agility, proprioception, balance and all the other fine motor skills that translate into everyday life. We believe that being healthy goes beyond the studio walls.

  4. Triumph combines weight training with cardio and bursts of intensity with recovery to keep your heart-rate elevated. You’ll burn up to 800 calories and increase your lean muscle mass, which in turn will raise your resting metabolism.

  5. By moving continuously between the floor and the bag, you’ll often be swapping with a partner and may even be encouraged to give them a high 5 as you pass them. It’s a great environment for group exercise, championing your community and getting stronger together!

Ready to give Triumph a try? Book your class below now (first class is free).

Triumph FAQ’s

Do I need my own gloves?

No. You can use our District Gloves completely free of charge and you can purchase wraps to keep for a small one-off charge.

What If I don’t want to Box?

We have 2 spaces marked DF available every class for anyone who wishes to make their session ‘double floor’. This means you will spend the class doubling up on the strength and conditioning exercises, no boxing involved.

What If I’ve never boxed before?

No worries! 5 minutes before the class starts, any first timers will be taken into the studio and be given a quick tutorial on our 6 key punches.

Do you do any Pad work?

No. There is no pad work involved in Triumph. We use state of the art aqua bags to reduce the impact on your joints and they allow you to work at your own pace.

Do I have to lift heavy weights?

Totally up to you. We have a wide range of weights from 2kg upwards that you select before the workout so just chose the weights that you are comfortable with.