Why our HIIT classes can benefit your run training

You never have to worry about what the weather is doing 

Inside our HIIT studio you never have to worry about the weather. Bad weather is the perfect excuse to not go out for a run. Pray all you want for a sunny day in Auckland, the weather has a mind of its own. Inside the District HIIT studio it’s here to heat you up, keep you out of the rain so basically it’s a no brainer. Do I have to go in to more detail?

Strength training helps you avoid injury 

I once heard a strength and conditioning coach say: “the best thing I can do for an endurance athlete is to make their joints bullet proof” or something to that effect. The resistance training we do in District HIIT makes for strong muscles and connective tissue. Some of the movements we do (lunges for example) imitate the exact same movement pattern you would (or should) use for running.

Increases motivation and endurance

A study published in the British psychology society digest showed how peer pressure could improve physical performance. 68 regulars at a pilates studio were asked to hold a plank, two times, for as long as they could. The participants were given a three-minute rest between each attempt. During this rest one group were told that 80% of people similar to them (in age, gender and fitness) were able to hold the plank 20% longer in their second attempt. The researchers hoped this would help the group match their first time (instead of doing less due to fatigue from the first set). The funny thing is that this group performed on average 5% better in there second attempt. The other group, as expected, achieved much shorter times on their second attempt. A crazy example of mind over matter (and peer pressure) in action.

There will be moments in the marathon that you feel like giving up. But you’ve been to District HIIT class where we’ve pushed and motivated you past the point of fatigue! You know what it feels like to use mind over matter and push yourself past that point. Right at that moment, picture me and your class mates yelling at you to keep going. It might just get you over the line under the time you were after. 

Ask yourself, do you want to just finish or finish fast?

District HIIT classes have a high work load and short rests which are great for improving VO2 max (cardio fitness). The high volume of work on specific areas like your butt and legs gives you great muscle endurance, meaning you use less effort for each stride when you run. It could make the difference between just finishing, and having your friends and colleagues eat your dust. Here’s a quote about HIIT training from someone smarter than me: “Your cardiovascular system gets stronger and pushes more oxygen-rich blood through your body. Muscles get better at using that oxygenated blood. Your stride becomes more efficient as coordination between the muscles and nervous system improves" - Joe McConkey, M.S., an exercise physiologist and coach at the Boston Running Center.

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