The Importance of the Breath

“Remember to breathe. It is after all the secret of life.”

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Yoga brings us the awareness that breathing is not simply a primal instinct of staying alive, it's a process that engages every level of consciousness.

The term 'diaphragmatic breathing' is also known as yogic breath, deep breathing or pranayama. When you actually breathe deeply through the belly (and not the chest), air flows in by contracting the diaphragm which then allows your entire body to nurture itself.

You may be wondering how this works? By helping out the respiratory system to work more effectively through the practice of breath, the correct change of gas sends new nutrients to your blood cells and oxygen to your brain putting it in a more relaxing state. The effect of this then instantly activates calmness in the body which relaxes the nervous system, decreases stress responses, relieves pain and lowers anxiety. 

Practicing pranayama, you also allow subtle energy to flow throughout the body which helps you to recharge and restore. The affect of poor breathing habits can result in long term health problems. Learning the correct and best way to breath during your practice and in every day life leads to natural vitality and an improvement in overall well-being.

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