How we track calorie burn here at District

Tracking calorie burn in a workout at District is a great way to measure and push yourself whilst in the studio. Whilst this is not the only measure of fitness we provide here, it is one of the most talked about and easy to understand. 

District HIIT and Cycle classes are designed to extract maximum calorie burn for you without leaving you crawling out of the studio and back to your desk. For the record our District Barre programme is also not to shabby when it comes to calorie burn.

Why is this? 

The training method of working at specific intensity zones for set periods of time followed by intermittent ‘active rest’ has been scientifically proven to maximize your workout and burn more calories. In addition to this, the HIIT training method also extends your calorie burning effort up to 24 hours beyond your workout.

Measuring this is crucial when monitoring your progress. That is why at District we use heart rate training technology in our HIIT and Cycle Studios to accurately measure the calories you burn. 

So what are the magic numbers? In a 30 minute HIIT class you can burn up to 600 calories and up to 800 in a 45 minute class*. Our cycle classes have also seen members peddling away to burn up to a massive 800 calories in a class. These are big numbers and a great way to maximize your workout time.

So how do I track my results? 

The best way to track your results is by using your own heart rate monitor in your workouts. This will record your workout data and help you track your individual results. If you want to try out one of our myzone heart rate monitors, grab one of our demo belts at reception on your way in and see how much harder you might work.

In the cycle studio be sure to check your workout summary at the end of your workout for your stats. Ask your instructor for more details. 

At District we want you to achieve the best results possible and maximize your workouts which is why we use the latest technology combined with scientific programming to help you push your limit every time.

*Calorie burn will vary for every individual, Numbers are based on actual results achieved by members using heart rate monitors in our classes. 

Ready to see your calorie burn? Book in to a HIIT or Cycle class below.