Training tips with Hope and Sarah

We paired up with cycling superstars Hope and Sarah to give you some motivational tips to get you moving in the studio. 

Do it together

Grab yourself a training buddy you know motivates you, and isn’t a flake. Having someone by your side makes the sweat and pain a little more bearable. Encourage each other, push each other, and accomplish greatness together! 

Have fun and dance it out

When your 3 classes down and that little voice of doubt inside you starts to creep in…tell it to JOG ON! Turn on your favourite tune and let those limbs go free!.

It’s a lot easier to be good when you plan ahead

Set your week up on Sunday night by booking in your classes for the week and meal prepping. Greens are your friends - Popeye had it sorted! Spinach, along with all those leafy greens are the way to go.  

Super Me Smoothies

If you haven’t heard of Super Me, hit up google right now. This is the perfect fuel for those who live life constantly on the go. Just add a frozen banana and your choice of milk or water, blend it up and you’re good to go.

And what about recovery? 

  • Within an hour post work out get your dose of carbs, protein and good fats. These foods help keep you fuelled and help your muscles repair. 
  • Use a foam roller and/or rolling pins, also known as “the stick” to get that deep muscle release. Need pointers on how to foam roll? Ask us next time you’re in the studio. 
  • Aim for at least 8 - 9 hours of sleep. Sleep is when the body recovers so this is vital for recovery after training.  
  • Self massage with tui bee balm and treating yourself to a sports massage every once in a while is very beneficial. Sarah recommends Stu the Physio at Olympic Physio Newmarket.
  • Keep hydrated! You cant recover without being hydrated. If your hydration levels drop, coconut water is a great solution.
  • Meditation is amazing. If your mind is at peace so is your bod. 

Catch Hope and Sarah this week in the studio by booking into one of there classes here