Amanda takes on Mexico

Our resident yogi Amanda Fell recently took off to Mexico to expand and become more in touch with her practice. Amanda tells us about her travels around Mexico below. 

Amanda Mexico

There’s something about traveling to far away places and immersing yourself in a different culture that makes you feel so alive and present. Recently I had the pleasure of joining some of my dear friends from London on their Yoga retreat in Peurto Escondido, Mexico. 

Amanda Mexico

Mexico is bright, bold, colourful and unapologetically loud, I’m tempted to follow this with a ‘lol’ having fond memories of our first evening Yin class at the shala with a full blown Mexican wedding (think fiesta) in the background, fireworks included! The week was truly an amazing experience. We woke every morning to golden light and birds chirping. A few mornings I crept up to the shala early at sunrise, before anyone else woke for meditation. The waves crashing in the distance were like a constant anchor to the flow of my breath. 

Each morning we had 1.5-2 hours of Vinyasa Flow, the weeks practice was set around a journey through the chakras - and what a powerful journey this was. Charlotte, our teacher, was an incredible guide - strong but so feminine, with a passionate fiery soul. 

Amanda Mexico

After sweating out what seemed like every last drop of body fluid, we rehydrated with locally brewed kombucha and walked along the white sandy beach to the nearby town of La Punta. La Punta is best described as a Mexican Bali, sweet little outdoor restaurants and cafes with all kinds of food that Yogis dream of, smoothie bowls and raw treats for days. 

Most afternoons were filled with sunbathing and napping before the evening Yin, but a few afternoons we were picked up by the local surf school and were driven to the beach in their open air jeep, stacked high with long boards. I can’t even tell you how fun surfing was. The hardest part was paddling out past the break, but once you were out in the ocean waiting for the waves with all of your friends, you almost forgot that you were completely out of breath and that your arms felt like they might fall off after all of those inversions and arm balances from that morning. Our crazy, hilarious Mexican surf instructors (most of them covered in tattoos from the neck down) were the best. Not only did they have us laughing endlessly, but they had a beautiful relationship with the ocean and made you feel fearless, even after being thrown around spin-cycle in the biggest of waves. 

Every night we had Yin at sunset. This was UNREAL. The magic definitely happened here. Most evenings post-practice we shared delicious food and stories before laying our weary bodies down, but my favourite evening of all, and most favourite part of the retreat, was definitely the fire ceremony. This was held on the day we journeyed through manipura chakra, our solar plexus chakra located at the abdomen. It is our energy  center, associated with motivation, Drive, ego, power, self esteem and confidence. 

We traveled to the most beautiful beach where Charlotte had set up the fire ceremony. We gathered around the fire in a circle and were asked to write down what we wanted to manifest in our lives and to set this aside. We then wrote what we wanted to let go of in order to make space for these things to happen, and we burned this note in the fire. We sat and meditated, while watching the most awe-inducing, vibrant red sunset out of any other night we were on the retreat, it was meant to be. 

Most of all though, it was so amazing to immerse myself in daily yoga and be guided as a student again. I learned so much. Now that I look back on this trip it seems almost like a dream. I would make it a reality again in a heartbeat! 

As happy as we are that Amanda got such an amazing experience in Mexico, we’re so happy to have her back in the studio. See all of Amanda’s classes below.