How to Barre

Never been to a Barre class before? Think you have to have Dance experience? Coordination? That your two left feet won’t like it? Think again! We’re here to help ease you into barre with our resident barre teacher Katie Swift. 

Barre Basics 

District Fitness Studios | Barre | Auckland CBD

You WILL be guided through

At District you won’t be left by yourself in the middle of the room following professionals who know all the moves to Bruno Mars or Beyonce. Our skilled instructors set you up, tell you how to move and show you the best way to activate the muscle group we want you to work in each move. Plus there’s always a kick ass soundtrack to mask your heavy breathing. 

Foot placements and arm movements in French?! attends quoi (wait, what)?  

Again - don’t panic. We’ve got you. All the movements are based from simple and static positions. We will tell you how to modify and you only have to advance once you feel comfortable enough. Once you’ve heard the instructor say ‘second position’ 15 times in the first 10 minutes then you’ll know it’s just a wide stance with a little bit of external rotation from the hips. Simple! C’est Bien!

It’s what you put into it - like anything, you get what you put in 

Need to take it a little easy on yourself for a minute, okay. Want more burn? Bend deeper! No one is going to shout at you for stopping but we will champion you for getting to the end. Barre like most other forms of exercise is made for all levels of fitness so you are able to push yourself to your own limits. 

Everyone else was a beginner once 

They might looked polished and proper during the class but they are probably dying just as much as you are on the inside. Remember everyone had to start somewhere and progress so know that with time and technique you’ll be the star of the show in no time.

Barre cheat sheet:

  • Plié = Bend
  • Relevé = rise to tiptoes
  • Second position = legs (or arms) wide
  • Breathe = BREATHE!!!! 

Want to see Katie in action? Head along to one of her Barre classes by booking below.