Training Tips from HIIT Instructor Amriesh

Don’t underestimate yourself

Be prepared to challenge yourself every time to step into the studio. You know the limits of your body, but you need to find a balance between training safe and training effectively. If you keep the weights too low, or move at a slower speed, then you are missing the point of High Intensity workouts. You won’t progress and you won’t reach your goals. Even if the steps are small, it’s important to keep moving forward. 

What you eat is more important than what you train

Nutrition is a key part to this challenge. While you’ll get an awesome training environment for the hour you are with us, it’s the other 23 hours where you are in control. Your nutrition affects your energy and your ability to recover. Keep things simple, be more concerned about the quality of your food rather than quantity. You’re a Ferrari, don’t go putting diesel in that Ferrari.

Find a workout buddy

Fitness is always more fun with friends. If you find motivation or commitment a problem, teaming up with someone else is a great option. You can both keep each other accountable, in terms of attending class, eating and recovering right, and pushing each other in the studio. And if you’re lucky, you might even get to team up in a Partner workout in a Heat Class. 

Have a cheat meal

You’ve done all the hard work, so time for a reward! But remember, everything in moderation, it’s a cheat meal not a cheat day. So don’t go overboard and undo all your good efforts. Keep in mind the two rules of cheat meals – No Talking, and No Sharing!

Have fun!

Let’s face it, some workouts are not fun. Frankly, some of them just plain suck. But when it’s over, you feel a sense of accomplishment (and maybe a little queasy). Workouts might be tough, but always remember why you are doing this. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Smile... laugh...Trust the Process. Enjoy It!

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