HIIT 2018 with confidence

Many of our members have seen the great benefits of HIIT training over the last few months – weight loss, huge gains in strength and ability, muscle tone, stamina, confidence and lots of laughs along the way!!!

Our HIIT team are so incredibly proud of our crew – you guys rock! We’ve talked before about the max calorie burn in a short space of time and the after-burn you achieve from HIIT – but the confidence gained by our regulars has given us the greatest buzz.

HIIT training is a mix of high intensity and strength training performed to timed work:rest intervals. Our classes offer a number of options for each exercise so we can cater for a range of fitness levels. Form and technique are most important to us - an exercise performed incorrectly can not only cause injury, but has far less effective results.

HIIT training rewards are definitely about the burn (during and after class) and monitoring heart rates and work output using our MYZONE system on our studio screen during sessions. However, an even greater gain has been watching our crew’s progress and confidence skyrocket! We’ve seen many of our members go from looking at our high bars like they were torture racks – to doing resistance band chin ups on them in just over 8 weeks!

What HIIT provides is a full body workout. Using compound movements that work a range of muscle groups at once, we can maximise the body’s ability to perform functional movements to the best of each participants ability and fitness levels. Not only does this deliver the benefits of the workout in terms of improved health and fitness, but results in improved confidence and capability to go about your daily life. This is what fitness is really about.
But just as importantly, improved health and fitness is about mental wellbeing and the challenges and accomplishments our crew have achieved in HIIT classes over the last few months are their most valuable.

Add this to training with a crew who motivate and inspire each other to achieve their goals and we think we have a pretty awesome formula for success in the HIIT studio!

A great way to start 2018! See you soon!