United We Ride

 So what is so special about United We Ride?

Our bikes combine unique design, clip in pedals with shoes provided and bike computers that deliver Watt rate power measurements for an enhanced and next level spin experience. From the moment you jump on the bike you will feel connected with immediate feedback through the digital display and onto our large screen to track and measure your performance.   A simple colour coaching system makes your class easy to follow so you just need to focus on kicking butt and making gains.

Tracking individual progress, you’re professionally trained instructors are there to help maximize your efforts every pedal stroke of the way unlocking your full potential on the bike.

Why is this good for me?

The bells and whistles are cool and the ability to track your performance ensures you are maximizing your workout by training in the correct workout zones. This leads to amazing results. What’s so cool about the use of our technology with your workouts is that you are working at a level that is based on your current level of fitness. So you get the benefit of working out in a fun group environment but at your level. If you like a bit of competition you can also compete against each other in our battle rides. In these classes you ride to win. You will spend your time having so much fun you will forget that you are working out.

What if I don’t want the tech stuff?

All good, you can attend our classes, suck up the atmosphere and vibes but not plug in. Results will still happen and either way you will leave with a smile on your face and sweat on the floor. For you dance lovers out there our party on a bike class is a chance to come in and rock it out to cool music, no tech and a whole lot of fun.

What does the studio look like?

As you enter our Cycle room, you will immediately feel excited and intrigued. Accompanied with smiles, our team leaders will help you clip-in, set up all whilst providing the know-how’s to your newride.  The music is pumping, the lights are low and there is a sense of anticipation mixed with exhilaration in the air. The instructor counts down and the rest is magic.

Now one of the crew, your goals are our goals and we look forward to striving together, advancing further and becoming one community.

Ready to ride? Book into a class here.