Katie Swift on barre

Katie Swift

Katie Swift

Studio Manager Katie Swift tells us why Barre has been so good for her and why it can be good for you too.

Barre is good for the soul!

At least I have found it to be.. as an ex professional dancer I spent most of my life dancing. A childhood spent at dance lessons, in school, out of school, organising 'dance competitions' with my friends and eventually being excluded from competing in them and having to be the judge because they got sick of me bounding all over the place and declaring myself the winner! Afterschool, during holidays-dancing. During three years of professional training. After graduating from Musical Theatre college and working professionally for over 10 years.

I think every Dancer wonders what they are going to do when their career ends, as dance has quite a short shelf life when compared to acting, singing, law or accountancy.

I found Barre when I lived in London, someone suggested I try the 55 minute workout, I thought 'this will be easy' and went along. After 20 minutes my core was on, my arms were exhausted and my legs were shaking with absolute abandon. I was hooked, and the amazing thing was-you didn't have to be a dancer to feel that way!

Bringing Barre to District brings another dimension to your workout.

Nothing challenges your muscles, core, stamina and mental focus quite the way barre does.

It gets results consistently, and safely. It's infectious, energetic and it's something that allows you to feel graceful and powerful at the same time.

The wonderful thing about Barre is, ANYONE can do it! You don't have to have taken a single dance class in your whole life-you can have two left feet! It doesn't matter if you go the wrong way, on the wrong foot 10 counts behind the rest of the class! It gets you moving, and every instructor is primed to deliver their best to you to ensure you are safe, working efficiently and most of all, having fun. Men, Women, young, old, athletic or not... barre has something for everyone.

Stay tuned for our amazing barre classes at District