Cycle heat (30mins)

HIIT training using four training zones
What: Ignite – Heat – OnFire – Burn zones will guide the workout to be most effective 30mins of training you have ever experienced.
Who: The zones are measure at the % percentage of your level of fitness, which makes this class great for everyone.

cycle endurance (45mins)

An Endurance class will focus on increasing your aerobic fitness without causing fatigue so you can train again the next day. The ride is made up of longer training phases and short recoveries, enjoy long flat roads and gradual climbs to build you fitness.

Who: The intensity is lower than other classes to supplement harder days which makes this class great for those who train a lot and for new people to cycling.

CYCLE mixed terrain (45mins)

A cycle class has always had variety and now you get to experience this with a structured ride to colour.
What: Your coach will set different training outcomes with a clear focus that will challenge you.
Who: If you want 45mins to fly by and challenge you this ride is for you. Get ready to experience training in each colour zone

CYCLE TO the beat (45mins)

45mins of all your favourite tunes using to colour to guide the intensity.
What: The music will lift the energy and the ride will lift your performance as colour measures your intensity.
Who: Spin class fans who want to really see how much work they really do in the cycle room.

cycle strength (45mins)

A Hill climbers paradise, get ready for a challenging ride using low rpms to build your cycling strength. This class will make you stronger for all your other rides at District Fitness.
What: Low rpms target your muscular system more than your aerobic system, expect a leg burning experience that will shape your fitness and reach the highest summits.
Who: Everyone who is looking to increase their fitness needs a solid strength foundation, it can also really help people returning from an injury build back the stability needed to return to full training.


Our virtual rides means you never have to miss a class. Be guided by our virtual instructor and benefit from the motivating environment in our studio to achieve a great workout and fantastic results. 

what is HIIT

High intensity interval training is for those wanting 'max fat burn' in the shortest period of time. You will combine bursts of anaerobic exercise with rest periods giving you a super effective workout. Our programmes are designed to provide you a weekly workout plan that gets results. They are suitable for all fitness levels and exercises can be scaled to suit your level

HIIT heat (30mins)

A get in, sweat, get out class designed for maximum effort in a short period of time. Our heat class works on a longer work phase with less rest. The intensity is lower but the effort is the same. A great addition to a weekly HIIT training programme.

HIIT endurance (45mins)

Endurance uses the HIIT principles of work/rest. The ratios in an endurance class are longer which pushes your energy systems to create greater endurance. You will love it!

HIIT Strength (45mins)

Still using HIIT principles of work/rest the ratios are shorter than an endurance class and uses exercises to build strength. Greater strength will help to build your fitness in all areas. The session is a great compliment to our other HIIT programmes

HIIT Power (45mins)

You have the strength, endurance, now all you need is power. Short work/rest ratios for maximal effort and a whole lot of fun

YOGA FLOW (45mins)

A Flow class has a Vinyasa base with a mix of stretch and strength, balancing the qualities of relaxation, focus and movement. Expert instructors guide you through at a level suited to each individual, so you can choose to be dynamic or soft with your flow to gain your optimum from this Yoga workout.

YOGA YIN (45mins)

A fantastic stretch for the body and re set for the mind. A slower paced class where poses are held for longer periods of time, encouraging you to relax into each posture, lengthening and the balancing the body and calming the mind.

Yoga restorative (45mins)

Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. While some restorative yoga poses are beneficial to the entire body, others target specific parts of the body, such as the heart or the lungs.

It is especially useful to help eliminate fatigue and daily stress.


Our signature, 45 minute class is the perfect blend if you’re looking to tone, strengthen and lengthen. Intense but fun, this class will transform your body and challenge your mind.


Work evenly through muscle groups gaining strength, control, awareness of the body and creating great posture.