Boxing Studio


District Boxing Studio

Your new way to train is here. District Boxing incorporates boxing fundamentals into a sweat fuelling workout which will help you develop that lean, strong, and confident fitness physique you’re after. Incorporating water filled boxing bags to soften the impact on your joints with each punch this workout will make you sweat (burning up to 800 calories in a 45 minute class!). No boxing experience is required as full instruction will be given each and every class.

What to expect in a class:

Our industry-leading trainers will guide you, step-by-step, through the fundamentals of boxing, from your footwork all the way through to your punches, on our one of a kind aqua bags. Here to challenge you each and every class our easy to follow punch by numbers format will have you hitting the bag with confidence. To ensure your heart rate stays up we compliment each bag round with a floor exercise to achieve a full body workout - improving your cardiovascular fitness, total body strength, better hand-eye coordination + more.

Are gloves/wraps available?

We have wraps and gloves available to purchase for $59.95 in a combo or you are able to hire our loan wraps and gloves for $4.00. Gloves and wraps are compulsory for every class.