Boxing Studio


Welcome to triumph

If lifting makes you feel strong and boxing makes you feel confident then Triumph, our newest concept will make you feel invincible.

This 50min class is an intense blend of cardio and strength as you switch between boxing combos on the bag and hitting the floor for conditioning.

It’s basically a class where you can reap all the athletic benefits of boxing training without ever having to take a punch!

 Still not convinced? Here are just some of the benefits of Triumph:

1.      Boxing is an intense aerobic and anaerobic workout that increases your cardiovascular health. In just a few sessions, boxing can make you stronger, faster, sharper, and you don’t need to spend hours running on the treadmill.

2.    Not only will all those power punches build your strengh but our conditioning work on the floor incorporates dumbells and resistance bands to ensure no muscle is left behind. As always, you choose the weight you want so whether you are looking to build muscle or simply tone, this is a great workout to hit those goals.

3.    Boxing helps with hand-eye co-ordination, agility, proprioception, balance and all the other fine motor skills that translate into everyday life.  We believe that being healthy goes beyond the studio walls and this is a workout that will really help you in every physical aspect.

4.     Research shows that both boxing and strength training are also great for mental health. There is something extremely empowering about pushing your body to it’s limits, not to mention the cathartic release you get from taking out your stress on a punching bag.  

5.    By moving continuously between the floor and the bag, you’ll often be swapping with a partner and may even be encouraged to give them a high 5 as you pass them. It’s a great environment for group exercise, championing  your community and getting stronger together!