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Baby Come Back

Here to help support you back into training after having your first, second or even fifth child, this programme is designed to get you the results you’re after. Whether you’re looking to hit the ground running or wanting to ease yourself back into training - our Baby Come Back programme has you covered.

What is the Baby Come Back programme?

This programme is designed to support and progress you back into fitness after time off with a child. The programme will take you through two weeks of 101 class training across our boxing, cycle, HIIT and barre disciplines to ensure you’re hitting our classes with confidence. Once you have completed your 101 workouts you will then have two weeks of additional classes to find your groove and be fully immersed in the District class experience.

What can I expect from the Baby Come Back programme?

Education, support and motivation are the key factors of our Baby Come Back programme. To set you up for success we meet and talk with you about what your training schedule will look like over the weeks you are with us + you will receive weekly email support. Along with weekly emails you will have access to support from our trainers, an online Facebook group to connect with the District Community and access to the all District facilities.

OK - This sounds perfect for me. What next?

Simply fill in the form to the right or buy your Baby Come Back package below and we will be in touch! Your fitness journey is about to get back on track. We can’t wait to see you soon!


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